Non-Computable You Supplementary Materials

Figures and Pictures

Figures and Pictures Credits

Unless listed here, all figures and pictures are credited to the author (Robert J. Marks II)

  • Figure 2.1. Nikola Tesla. “Nikola Tesla, with His Equipment.” Photograph by Dickerson V. Alley, circa 1899, Wikimedia Commons. Public domain.
  • Figure 4.1. Guitar faces. Photographs courtesy of Pat Kelley.
  • Figure 4.2. The AI-generated portrait Edmond de Belamy. “Edmond  De Belamy,” Wikimedia Foundation, July 29, 2019. Public domain.
  • Figure 4.5. Elsie Wright and a Cottingley fairy. Photograph by Frances Griffiths, 1917. Public domain.
  • Figure 4.6. Frances Griffiths and the Cottingley fairies. Photograph by  Elsie Wright, 1917. Public domain.
  • Figure 4.7. Montana’s giant grasshopper. Photography by Cole Studio,  1937. Public domain.
  • Figure 4.8. A non-existent person from
  • Figure 6.1. Sophia the Robot. “Sophia (robot).” Image by ITU Pictures,  June 8, 2017, Wikimedia Commons. CC-BY-SA 2.0 license.
  • Figure 10.1. Gödel is a dangerous guy to question. Cartoon by XKCD. date unknown, Used by permission.